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by Stefan

Do you have different shapes of the plastic product? Have you wondered how these shapes come to be? They are made through the plastic injection moulding process. Are you dealing with the manufacture of plastic products or have an idea of injecting a plastic mould into your product? You need plastic injection experts to create the best products ever. You will need to test your product before taking it to the market for mass production? Work with the 3ERP for your injection molded prototype service.

The following are some of the injection molding capabilities made by the 3ERP moulding manufacturers.

Plastic injection molding

Do you need to produce plastics or plastic parts for your automotive or other applications? Plastic injection molding is very essential for that realisation. 3ERP will offer you the best plastic moulding services that will see your end product selling to the market. They will create according to your customised needs.

Liquid silicone moulding

You need temperature-resistant parts possible, Liquid silicone injection moulding is inevitable in the production of high resistant plastic materials. These products can be created either alone or over-moulding.

Metal moulding injection

This is another injection service offered by the 3ERP manufacturers. This is a process that saves on costs especially when dealing with small and detailed metal parts. This process wastes fewer materials than the CNC machining process hence more recommended.


Have you realised a need for an extension of your material? The material can be extended by the overmolding process. This overmolding produces chemically bonded parts using multiple materials. Instead of other procedures that involve separate creating and assembling of material parts overmolding is more affordable. Have you seen the case of a toothbrush having a body made of plastic and the grip part is made of rubber? This is the result of the overmolding process. This process allows you to create a new product from scratch or addition of a resistant outer layer.

Insert moulding

You have seen handles of sharp equipment such as scalpels, Knives, among other products that are halfway metal and halfway plastic? This is the work of insert moulding. Insert molding does not require injection molding instead it adds plastics to already fabricated metals.

Let us have a brief look at the injection molding

The Melting phase

This is the process where the plastic granules are put into a hopper after which they are moved to the barrel where they are heated up to the molten state.

Injecting phase

The Reciprocating screw is used to push the molten material through till near the exit point ensuring that the moulds are filled. This material is referred to as a shot.

Cooling phase

The molten material then passes through some areas until it reaches the mould where cooling eventually takes place. Some of these areas include the check valve, sprue, runners and mould cavity. The cooling can be accelerated using cooling lines around the moulds.

Ejecting phase

When the material has completely solidified the mould will be opened by the operator ejecting the moulded part. You can use ejector pins to eject the moulded part without breaking it.

3ERP will do the injection molding processes in an affordable and efficient way for you. Contact them for your order.

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