Basics of Running an Import Business in India

by Stefan

The huge popularity of electronic devices and gadgets in India has created a lot of opportunities for importers. A lot of traders have entered the importation business with a focus on importing from China to India. However, not every person is aware of the process. There are different things you ought to know regarding China suppliers, products, certificates, and shipping. The truth is that the process of importing goods from China to India can be a challenging one. This guide will reveal everything you ought to know.

Things to Know First

Before you begin importing products from China, there are different things you ought to take into account. First, you need to get a legal license for importing. You ought to register your business in India, no matter the type of business. Ideally, these are the types of business you can register in India.

Partnership Firm

One Person Company

Sole Proprietorship

Private Limited Company

Limited liability partnership

After registering your business, you need to apply for tax registration. Whether you are importing from China or any other country, you will need to register for taxes. Also, you need to gather details about importing tax in India. Remember that different products have different taxes.

Find Reputable Suppliers in China

If you are a beginner, you may be wondering how to go about this. In fact, there are different ways of finding Chinese suppliers. Although there are many suppliers, you will not work with all of them. Therefore, you ought to find a reliable supplier. Some of the ways to go about this include:

China Wholesale Market

Large trade cities include Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Y iwu. Therefore, you will find suppliers from surrounding industries. Some cities have specialized in certain products. For instance, Guangzhou is known for its clothing and luggage wholesale, whereas Shenzhen has lots of electronic markets.


Nowadays, it is easier to purchase goods from fairs and exhibitions in China. The main types of exhibitions include comprehensive exhibitions and professional exhibitions. Comprehensive exhibitions have lots of products to offer. On the other hand, the professional exhibitions will list products you find on the same page.


There are several online supplier platforms. The popular ones include Made in China, Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHgate, and Global Source. You can find excellent, vetted suppliers on these platforms.

Shipping from China to India

When it comes to transportation, the major ways for shipping products from China to India include air transport, Express, and Sea transport. With air freight, you can ship products from a factory in China to your shop in India. This is the fastest means of transport. Thus, if you want a shorter delivery time, you should ship the goods through the air.

If you want a cheaper option of transporting products from China to India, you should choose sea transport. This involves shipping goods from China to your nearest port. Although the process is a bit complicated, it is the cheapest.

As an importer, you ought to comply with labeling and marketing requirements. Failure to do so, your goods might be impounded by customs authorities. Since the process of shipping goods from China to India is quite complicated, it is advisable to hire a freight forwarder.

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