An Introduction to Modern Sculpture and Businesses

by Stefan
Custom Sculpture

The link between sculptures and businesses has been always there. Back in the days, wealthy business owners and bankers were patrons of many artists. Many of the great art masters wouldn’t be able to create their masterpieces without the support of those with greater wealth.

Today, business owners still support artists, but mainly through purchasing and commissioning their artwork.

To better understand the bond between the art of sculpting and modern businesses, we need first to comprehend the rise of modern sculpture.

Modern Sculpture 101

The art of sculpting has greatly evolved since its earliest days. Today’s modern sculpture builds on the cubist movement that was prevalent throughout the 20th century. The cubist movement revolved around objects designed out of cones, cylinders, spheres, and cubes.

Cubist artists are considered to be the pioneers of modern sculpting, and their movement is still practiced even today.

Modern sculpture is unique in so many ways, and it made customize sculpture so popular. Today, every sculptor has the freedom to create art from basically anything and in so many ways. Much of that is possible because of the advancement of technology.

Businesses & Custom Sculpturing

Businesses of all branches and sizes are ordering custom sculptures for their commercial properties. Even startups that haven’t made their name in the business world, order sculptures as a way to reinforce their brand and highlight their mission through an art piece.

It is fair to say that their commissions are not driven by their affection for sculpturing, but rather than for something way more tangible and practical – to influence people through art.

That way, everyone that comes through their doors gets to see and experience art. Businesses know the effect of the first impression and will take any opportunity to impress their visitors. They know that just a couple of moments of gazing at a piece of art can soften even the most hard-boiled businessman.

They also know that when someone is in awe can be easily persuaded into a business agreement or selling their idea. Furthermore, recruiting new talent is way easier if he/she is impressed from the first moment.

Last but not least, a statue can express warm support and sympathy for the administration and employees.

How to Order a Custom Sculpture?

Thanks to the internet, it is not that hard to identify a company that deals with custom sculptures. The best ones work with sculptures and have all the necessary equipment to turn your vision into a sculpture.

The traits that can be used to distinguish the best from the mediocre ones include:

  • Portfolio: The best ones proudly display their portfolio. Nothing speaks more about the quality of their work than their portfolio of past projects.
  • List of former clients of theirs: The more prestige the list, the better they are at their job.
  • They work with different materials: The best ones have the technical capability to make a sculpture with a plethora of materials.
  • Testimonials & Reviews: We live in an age when everything is reviewed. Custom sculpting companies are no exception. A constant flow of positive reviews is a pretty strong hint that you are looking at a great company.

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