Reasons to Get Yourself a Corner Spa Bath

by Stefan

Not all bathroom spaces are as big as we want them to be. So when it comes to purchasing and installing bathroom units, you have to prioritize space-saving models so that you still have enough room to move around your bathroom. When it comes to choosing your bathtub, a corner spa bath is an easy fix for any bathroom with limited space.

What is a corner spa bath?

This is a bathtub that easily fits in the corner of your bathroom. Two of its sides are anchored to the wall, leaving you with more space to walk around and freeing up your wall space for other bathroom units. They usually come in a wide variety of sizes but the smaller models are smaller than your regular bathtub so you can be assured that you will be saving a lot of space from it. Most of these corner bathtub units are triangular, square, and round but you can still see rectangular units too.

Materials to choose from

Like other bathtub units, you can choose from a wide variety of materials when it comes to your corner spa bath. Here is a list of the most common ones that you can find in the market:

  • Cast iron – This is a heavy but pretty solid bathtub material and it is usually coated with porcelain. Be wary of choosing this material when you are getting a large-sized bathtub as it is very heavy and you might just exhaust yourself getting it into your bathroom. The upside of this material is its durability and the fact that it can retain heat very well.
  • Acrylic – This is a light-weight plastic-like material that usually comes with a high gloss. The acrylic is actually more of a coating for the surface and the frame is really made of fiberglass. You have to pay more attention when installing this type of tub because it is very prone to scratching and since it is a lighter material, it can have dents.
  • Steel – This material is more durable than acrylic but lighter than cast iron. The steel bathtubs are usually covered with enamel coatings to give the tub a protective and glossy surface.

Most corner bathtubs come with spa-like features but some materials are unable to handle these features. For instance, the cast iron corner bathtubs mostly only have the soak feature. The type of material you choose may also limit the features you can get. It helps to do some more browsing and canvassing before you settle on a final purchase.


Advantages of getting a corner spa bath

  • More space outside and inside the tub – A corner spa bath only takes up the corner of your room and only uses two sides to be attached. This means you have more space to walk around it and even install other bathroom units like a vanity unit. Another space-saving benefit is that the smallest units are able to fit two people in it. If you get the bigger models, you can have three to four people soaking in it at one time. This is great not only for young couples but also for families who have members that need assistance while bathing such as young kids and the elderly.
  • Aesthetic appeal – A corner spa bath looks glamorous no matter what material it comes in. It also comes in unique shapes that make them a huge upgrade from the regular rectangular bathtub. Visitors who come over and use your bathroom will definitely be jealous. Aside from that, the presence of it alone can immediately give a more glamorous vibe to your bathroom.

When choosing a bathtub that is small in size but also glamorous, there is no need to look further and drown yourself in hundreds of options from the market. Search for the best corner spa bath immediately.


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