Who Needs The Services Of A Sourcing Agent?

by Stefan

Noonbuy.com, like Superbuy, is a leading sourcing agent or a quality online shopping platform. Note, this is a trustworthy and professional Chinese sourcing agent providing services to global clients. The platform offers one-stop services for purchasing and shipping products internationally. Noonbuy notably offers services for Taobao clients. In this post, we look at people who would benefit from sourcing agent services.

Who needs the services of a sourcing agent?

Various online shoppers would benefit from the services offered by sourcing agents. Below is a list of people who need these services the most;

1. People with inadequate experience in importing

Importing is more work than most people assume. It is more than just looking for products online, clicking buy, and waiting for them to be shipped. Importing products requires you to comply with local policies on international trade, get the best suppliers, and ensure you get the best products. Therefore, if you are looking to import products for the first time, you would do well with an outsourcing agent.

The sourcing agent will help you with things like finding the best suppliers, following up on product production, testing, quality control, and shipping. These are tasks that you would not be able to carry out without travelling to a foreign country. They are tough to achieve if you do not have importing experience. Therefore, people with inadequate importing experience would benefit significantly from getting outsourcing agents.

2. People looking to purchase multiple product categories

Importing products is already hard. However, it becomes even more complicated if you are looking for numerous product categories. This means that you have to get the products from different suppliers. In this case, working with a sourcing agent would be ideal. This is because the agent will find the various suppliers for the products, handle all the production specifics with each supplier and collect all the products before shipping.

This means that you can receive all the products at the same time. This eliminates the issues of receiving different products at varying times, delays, and other challenges involved in the process. The sourcing agent will handle all the tedious tasks, and all you have to do is order and wait for delivery.

3. People looking for special products

Special product categories like building, medical and electrical suppliers would also benefit from working with sourcing companies. This is because there are not too many suppliers in these categories showcasing their products online. Therefore, a sourcing agent will find the best supplier on your behalf.

4. People running supermarkets and retail stores

Large retailers and supermarkets typically deal with multiple products. Therefore, large retailers and supermarkets would benefit from working with an experienced sourcing agent to manage their supply chain. The sourcing agent will take care of getting thousands of products in various categories.


Working with sourcing agents is quite advantageous. However, people’s experiences differ from one sourcing agent to the next. This means that you ought to be very careful when choosing a sourcing agent to work with. Remember that you are trusting this agent to use your money and get you the best products.

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