Why You Should Wait Till Black Friday to Get a Laptop 

by Stefan

A laptop is an indispensable tool for the 21st-century individual. Whether you work as a freelancer or employed in someone else’s business, you need this gadget. Buying a good laptop with the right system qualities can be pricey. However, you can key into the ongoing Honor laptop black Friday offer. Besides mouthwatering price reductions that may be up to 25%, you get free shipping to your preferred location. Here are the sweetest deals that you can only get during this laptop black Friday window. 

Honor MagicBook 14

This piece of electronics boasts of the most advanced features in the industry. It has a storage capacity of 256 GB and 8 GB RAM.

  • Ultrathin Design: The MagicBook 14 has a thickness of 15.9 mm and weighs only 1.38 kg. As a result, it is highly portable, and you can move it as quickly as you want. Also, its sparkling blue sheen gives it an air of superiority.
  • End-to-end Display: The bezel has a 4.8 mm width and a display quality that eliminates reflections. It features a full-view screen that makes pictures more realistic and immersive. Besides, the display releases minute blue light reflection, which makes it eye-friendly.
  • Enhanced productivity: If you have an Honor mobile device, you can synchronize it correctly with the MagicBook with just a click on the Magic-link 2.0. With this, you can transfer all file types without any hassle.

Honor MagicBook 15

Some of the standout features of the MagicBook 15 include its massive memory space (ROM – 256 GB, RAM – 8 GB), innovative heat reduction technique, and its extended battery life. 

  • Unique Fan Design: This eliminates any possibility of overheating by increasing the quantity of air that reaches the processor. Meanwhile, the design has zero-tolerance for noise and dissipates heat efficiently.
  • Zero lagging: when you boot your MagicBook 15, you can start working immediately. It features the distinct PCle NVMe SSD memory structure, which is several times faster than a typical SATA SSD. 

Honor MagicBook Pro

  • Anti-glare Quality: The slightly tilted screen reduces glare, making your viewing experience easier with minimal strain on the eyes.
  • Brilliant Color: The color gamut has a 100% RGB component. Thus, it delivers bright, real-life images.
  • Aluminum Design: to make it lightweight and portable, the MagicBook Pro has an aluminum design. Besides, it has a thickness of 16.9 mm and a weight of 1.7 kg. 
  • Double fan system: optimized for productivity, the MagicBook Pro contains two blades, heat sinks, and heat pipes. This improves air circulation around the workstation. 

Essential Tips While Getting Laptop on Black Friday

  • Do not use discounts as the only criteria to make a decision. 
  • If there is a newer version already, avoid the outdated model. 
  • Do not start shopping until you have a budget in mind. 
  • If the laptop is a refurbished product, make sure the warranty is clear and convincing. 
  • Ensure you check features like the operating system, memory capacities, and processors. 


Buying a laptop on Black Friday can be a challenging experience due to massive price slashing. However, getting any of the specified gadgets will put a smile on your face.

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