6 steps to monetizing your YouTube Channel

by Stefan

If you’re looking to have a monetized YouTube channel, then you must stick to this guide. In due time, this article will take you through six (6) important steps to monetizing your channel as a beginner.

Monetizing your YouTube Channel: What You Should Know

Before we go on to outline the steps, here are the top requirements to meet before monetizing your channel:

  • You should have at least, 1000 subscribers on your channel
  • Your videos should be able to generate 4,000 hours at watch time in the past 12 months
  • You follow all Picea and the guidelines that YouTube has provided.
  • You own a full set-up AdSense account

Here’s how to monetize your channel

1. YouTube partner program

This is the first step to monetizing your YouTube channel. Before you can get accepted into the YouTube partner program (YPP), you have to, first of all, meet up the four requirements.

2. Following the rules for monetization

The content of YouTube’s rule book should be strictly adhered to. After applying for the YouTube partner program, your channel will be reviewed. This is to find out whether your channel meets yo the policy and guidelines provided by YouTube. Your channels will also be reviewed constantly by YouTube to be sure that you still meet the policies.

3. Observe copyright policies

This is a rule that guides and prevents you from passing off other people’s work as yours. If you do not adhere to this rule, YouTube will demonetize your account or stop you from getting into the partner program.

4. Have your Google AdSense account linked to your YouTube channel

Monetizing your YouTube channel requires that you create an Adsense account. This will enable YouTube to pay you the money that you’ve earned. If you already have a Google AdSense account, you can use it as a means of receiving your payment. If you have more than one YouTube channel, you can connect them to the AdSense account. But if you are yet to get an account, setting one during your partner program with YouTube will be ideal.

5. Proper application into YPP

Applying to the YouTube partner program usually takes about a month for them to make a decision. This is usually because there are no automated means of reviewing your channel; it’s done manually by human beings. However, it can take a shorter period to be fully reviewed; it all depends on the persons involved.

6. Rejection in the YPP

While looking to monetize your YouTube channel, there’s a possibility that you may get rejected. So, what do you do at this point? Usually, when rejection happens YouTube would give you a reason why it’s so. But, they won’t let you know the specific video that caused your rejection. You can still reapply for the YPP in 30 days.


Getting your YouTube channel monetized helps you to earn enough money from your YouTube video content. This guide teaches all you need to know about paying for your channel to be monetized. Every beginner needs to read.

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