How Huawei’s Online Identity Verification is helping apps stay secure

by Stefan

If you are an app developer, you’d know just how much security means for your app. In some mobile apps, it’s even more important. Think apps dealing with some financial aspects or data of clients. Security has to be at an all-time high. Huawei undoubtedly one of the best tech companies out there and for good reasons. Its online identity verification is boosting the security of apps like never before.

In this article, we’re going to look at what the online identity verification app has achieved and how it fits into the bigger picture.

So if you are ready, let’s dive in!

What is the Huawei Online Identity Verification?

The Huawei Online identity verification is a smaller part of the Huawei’s FIDO. Also known as the fast Identity online feature, it allows developers to protect their apps with various security features. One of them is online identity verification.

This feature is made available through the FIDO2 client. With this feature, users will be to further protect their apps and accounts from theft. This is achieved by providing an extra level of security after your password. Think 2-factor verification.

App developers will be especially thrilled to explore this kit. It’s the perfect gift for all app developers out there.

With the Huawei FIDO, developers can finally be able to develop apps without the fear of being breached.

Other Features Available On the Huawei FIDO Kit

Apart from the online identity verification, other features are available on the Huawei FIDO.

One of them is the local biometric feature. This feature combines three security layers to get the perfect combo. The integrity system and the keys encryption helps to keep you secure. This combines with the 3D recognition to make the process so much safer.

These features when added to the online identity verification make the Huawei FIDO stand out among the crowd.

What Should I Do Before I Can Use The Huawei Online Identity Verification?

If you are an app developer and you want to use FIDO on your app, then you’d need to integrate it into your app.

The only way to do this is to be part of the Huawei developer’s program. All you have to do is to register on the platform. It’s easy and does not even take up to a week to get started.

You might have to show proof of identity before you get started. However, it’s something you should be able to handle without too much stress.

Final Thoughts

The world has undoubtedly adjusted to the beauty of mobile apps. With more apps being produced every day, it’s important to keep yours ahead of the pack. The Huawei FIDO does this to perfection.

With the online identity verification, you will be able to protect the password of your users and even solidify it. By doing so, you’d be able to gain the trust of your users. There is nothing better than that.

So why not try Huawei’s FIDO when building your next app? Trust me, it will bring immense satisfaction.

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