Benefits of a Dry Erase Board

by Stefan

A dry-erase board (know more) is a board made from nonporous materials (such as glass, porcelain, melamine). It has a glossy white surface which you can use colorful dry erase markers to write on. A dry erase calendar makes learning and presentations colorful, fun and creative. There are some reasons why a magnetic calendar board is more preferable to other types of boards. We will explore all these reasons in this article. Read up!

Types of Dry Erase Boards

There are various materials used in making a dry erase board. They include; glass, melamine, porcelain, ever-white to mention a few. These materials are all nonporous reusable materials.

  • Glass dry erase boards:

They are usually expensive and highly durable. They are not white but transparent. It can be difficult to use in presentations.

  • Melamine dry erase boards:

These are the most common materials used in making these boards. They are very cheap compared to the other types of erase boards. A melamine dry erase board is not durable and is not recommended for heavy long-term uses. They have minimal stain resistance.


  • Porcelain dry erase boards:

They are a bit more expensive and durable than melamine magnetic calendar board. Also, they last fairly longer and have a better ink and stain resistance than melamine boards. They have a metallic back which confers a bit of weight on them making them a tad difficult to mount. This metal makes them magnetic boards.

  • Ever-white dry erase boards:

These are by far the most durable of these erase boards. They never absorb ink or stain. Generally, they are more expensive than porcelain erase boards. Also easy to mount and may be magnetic or non-magnetic boards.

  • Specialized Dry Erase Boards:

There are specialized dry erase boards. These are made from same materials but designed to suit different purposes.

  • Music staff dry erase board:

These are used in music schools, choirs or bands. They have staff printed on them already. This saves time and energy spent on drawing new staff every day.

  • Dry erase calendar boards:

Dry erase calendar boards have blank calendars printed on them. This board is ideal for organizations. They improve productivity and help keep track of meetings and daily tasks. They also help to create a bigger picture. It can serve as yearly grand planner where you enter all important dates and project targets. It can also serve as a reminder for upcoming events.

  • Digital dry erase boards:

These boards are interactive boards. You can connect them to computers and projectors. They help stimulate the mind of the listeners by bringing life to the presentations.

  • Sticky dry erase boards:

As the name implies, they are like large sticky notes. You can peel them off and stick them back. It has the look of a built-in board. They are more affordable than framed boards.


Benefits of A Dry Erase Board

There are more than a few benefits of these erase boards.

  • Easy to use and clean:

All you need for a dry erase board is a marker and eraser. The markers are easy to get and are affordable. In contrast, a chalk board that requires chalk, it is less messy to use and leaves no dusty residues. You only need to wipe the board clean with an eraser immediately after use. Even if the ink is from a permanent marker, an alcohol-based cleaner can be used and your dry erase board is as good as new. Chalk boards are more difficult to clean with time. They require water to clean them and that delays its use until it is dry which may take a few hours.

  • It is multi-functional:

They do not only serve as a writing board but also as a calendar board. This is very possible if the board is magnetic. A magnetic erase board can serve as a magnetic calendar board. This saves money and space. You can use magnets to attach paper containing new information to the board. Your dry erase board can serve as both a writing board and a notice board too.

  • It allows for creativity:

Yeah, you can use different colors of chalk on a chalk board. But a dry erase board affords that color contrast between a dark colored marker and the white board. This contrast in color also helps to increase the visibility of the writings on the board. Even people who are far off see this board clearly. It also allows for color-coding important words and sentences with different markers. You can make illustrations and drawings in different colors too. This helps the teacher or presenter express them in the best way possible.

  • It improves audience participation:

It encourages audience participation as more than one person can write on the board at a time. These whiteboards aid concentration and improve the interaction between facilitators and their audience. They make learning much more interesting.


  • It is easy to install:

They are quite easy to install because they weigh lighter than conventional boards. They can be easily mounted on the walls using adhesives or board stands. Anyone can put up a dry erase board.

  • It is cost effective:

Dry erase boards are cheaper to use than flip charts and worksheets. They are fairly affordable and highly reusable. Chalk boards are cheap but are more difficult to maintain in the long run

  • It improves productivity: 

Dry erase calendar boards improve productivity by organizing thoughts at a glance. You can also record future commitments, appointments and events. This can help to better plan the day, week, month or year as the case maybe. The fact that they are easily erasable make them a great asset in any organization.


Dry-erase boards are assets that improve creativity, productivity, interaction, and organization. They are affordable and easy to use. A magnetic dry erase calendar is a multi-functional and can serve as magnetic calendar boards. They are durable and easy to install. All these interesting benefits make dry erase boards a top choice if you are looking to get aboard. If you have any demand for custom Dry erase boards, you can contact Zigpac.


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