Developing A Prototype In Pandemic – Genius Or Madness?

by Stefan

The coronavirus pandemic has caught the world with its guard down, and that’s a fact. As a result, many countries have decided to deal with it by closing their borders, limiting human traffic, advising everyone to stay at home, temporarily closing certain factories and businesses, quarantines, and so on. It seems that the recession is inevitable, and there isn’t much we to do.

However, what’s bad for big corporations and large international conglomerates, doesn’t have to be bad for entrepreneurs, innovators, and startup founders that were already planning to develop a product.

A recession or a turmoil like the pandemic might be the perfect time to develop or launch a product. Before we go into our reasoning, here is a list of companies that started working in a time of recession and made it big.

  • IBM launched in 1911, in the middle of a two-year panic in which entire industries were experiencing massive losses and double-digit declines.
  • HP first opened its doors in 1939, in the midst of one of the worst recession of the 20th century.
  • Facebook, Google, and Salesforce launched “moments” before the massive dot-com bubble burst. Not only they managed to sail through it unscathed, but they achieved a massive success instead.

The common part is that they all had humble beginnings and one or two forward-thinking founders that could see past the current turmoil.

So, the question is how to make the most of the current “lockdown” and come with something valuable.

If you are a computer programmer, you don’t need much to sit down and start developing the next Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, or some game-changing app.

Then some plan to bring some physical products. It can be a prototype that will be the basis for a new, exciting startup. Here’s why we think why, despite the pandemic, this is the right time to develop your prototype.

All can be completed from the comfort of your home

There is no need to get to places to develop your prototype as companies such as 3erp don’t require you to go there. All of the transactions, communication, sending your blueprints, consultations, all that can be achieved via the internet and over the phone.

Get a great rate

The new situation also hits prototyping services, and to keep the workflow consistent, they offer discounts on their services. Most of the companies in this industry will go the extra mile to get your project, no matter how big or small it is. A nice discount on their services is their main weapon when they try to close the deal.

Shipping and home delivery

The flow of people might be restricted all over the world, but the flow of goods seems to be uninterrupted. That means once finished, the prototype can and will be delivered at your doorstep.

In Conclusion

All that can be achieved without actually meeting people physically, which is super important in the time of the pandemic. The only real question is whether you are ready to make the most of your time at home or not?


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