Tips For Purchasing the Best Wireless Router for Your Office

by Stefan

9 Tips to Consider When Purchasing a Wireless Router office in 2018

Having internet access in your office is necessary. This helps you to get information right at your office. Currently, many offices use wireless routers for internet connectivity, these have enabled ease of work. For many offices, personnel does not the best wireless routers for their offices.

A good wireless router for your office is important enabling you from an uninterrupted internet connection. There are many companies that are manufacturing wireless routers. But how will you be able to differentiate the best from counterfeits?

The following tips should help you when purchasing a wireless router for your office this year.

Tip 1: Band Type

Many wireless routers operate using two kinds of frequencies, which are:

  • 4 Gigahertz
  • 5 Gigahertz

Most wireless routers that use 2.4 GHz which are said to be a single band, which tend to be overcrowded and undergo impedance, for example, Linksys WRT32X. For wireless routers using 5 GHz has a quicker internet connection and is less crowded. Dual-band wireless routers use both frequencies bands.

Some wireless routers are multi-band. A multi-band wireless router tends to use more than two frequency bands, for example, D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi router. This wireless router has an extreme internet speed.

Tip 2: Price

The essential factor to consider when purchasing a wireless router. Look for a wireless router that is in you can fit your financial capability. If you are searching for a wireless router of a certain kind you should plan your finances.

Some wireless routers can be expensive but are not of the desired quality while you may find a cheap wireless router that is of high quality. But these theory does not work for all the wireless routers. Best wireless routers are very costly and very consistent.

Cheap is costly. Purchasing a cheap wireless router comes up with troubles such as internet disconnections. Furthermore, wireless routers that can provide internet of up to 300 Megabytes per Second are considered to be the best for offices.

Tip 3: Range of Wireless Router

Before buying a wireless router you should consider what range the wireless router can supply internet services. The last thing is to purchase a wireless router that is not able to provide internet to all parts of your office.

Contrasting wireless routers have a dissimilar range of internet signals. When buying a wireless router you should consider the size of your office.

Tip 4: Processor Speed and RAM Size

Processor speed and RAM size are usually associated with laptops and smartphones, this is according to many people. All wireless routers contain this hardware due to the fact that they are important as for either smartphones or laptops.

When purchasing a wireless router you should consider if the processor is either;

  • Dual-core
  • Single-core
  • Quad-core

Mostly, a dual-core processor deals with more information and more users at a time than a single-core processor. A processor of 900 Megahertz is considered less powerful than a 1.2 Gigahertz processor. When purchasing a wireless router you should consider one that has a processors speed of more than eight hundred Megahertz.

For better internet services in your office, I think you should purchase a wireless router with dual-core or quad-core processor. Also, you should buy a router that has more than one hundred and twenty-eight megabytes of random access memory. This will ensure that your information is processed faster. If cost is not a factor to you, I think you should purchase a wireless router that has RAM of more than 256 MB.

Tip 5: Smart Features

All devices being manufactured during this era have smart features and for wireless routers are not different. Most of these wireless routers have smartphones applications that make their operations simple.

High-quality wireless routers have computer-generated assistants that improve their mode of control. When purchasing a wireless router you should consider a smart wireless router with the following abilities:

  • Limiting and promoting range – some smart wireless routers restrict or promote the range of the routers signals.
  • Controlling signal strength – also you should consider a wireless router that is able to decrease or increase the routers signal strength.

Examples of such smart routers include;

  1. Linksys smart router
  2. Google’s on Hub smart router

The improvement in technology advances the processes of the routers but does not escalate their prices. Hence should be considered when buying a wireless router for your office.

Tip 6: Number of Users

The number of users a wireless router can accommodate is an important factor. You should estimate the number of people who will be connected to the wireless router at the same time. If the number of users connecting at the same time is high then when purchasing you should find one that can withhold all these users at ago.

Tip 7: Security

When purchasing a wireless router you should consider the security and privacy of your information. There are hackers who are after your devices such as the laptops or smartphones. They usually find it easier to hack through routers.

During the purchase of a wireless router for your office, ensure that the router is fitted with up-to-date encryption technology. Also, the router you buy should have WPA2 encryption. Current wireless routers have this technology to put hackers at bay.

Tip 8: Lifetime

Currently, devices should work for a substantial time. There is not an exemption for wireless routers but an important factor during purchase. Wireless routers with long lifetime tend to be more costly than those that have a short lifetime. Wireless routers, for example, Cisco 2951 are more costly than Wavlink AC 1200 due to the difference in a lifetime.

Tip 9: Accessibility of USB Ports and LAN

It is essential to look for a wireless router that supports USB especially 3.0. Many offices require LAN hence advisable to purchase a wireless router that supports local area network.


Many factors are considered during the manufacture of wireless routers. The following tips are important when purchasing a wireless router for your office. The Internet has become an important necessity in the current world, by going through these tips you can be able to find the best wireless router that provides uninterrupted internet for your office.

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