Business Advertising Stickers to Boost Customer Patronage

by Stefan
business advertising stickers

Whether you have an online business or an offline business, a great way to boost customer patronage is through the use of business stickers.

Think about it.

Stickers (know more) can be applied to practically any surface. In your car, on the windows of your house and clothing. Business advertising stickers can double as offline advertising, giving attention to your business even when you don’t realize it. At first, people aren’t aware of the advertising benefit of promotional stickers for business. Whenever you have them out, most people will consider them as a gift first rather than an ad.

Whenever someone uses your free promotional stickers by placing it on an item they own, what they are doing is showing the rest of the public that they are a proud supporter of your brand. Think of this as word-of-mouth marketing. Your stickers are the mouth portion of that word.

That is why business advertising stickers are sturdy. Not only does it show off loyalty to your company brand, but it is a great way to advertise your business without trying. Here, we will explain the real power behind cheap custom stickers and how to, directly and indirectly, use them to promote your business.

Types of Business Advertising Stickers

Sticker advertising isn’t a new marketing tactic.

It has been used in the business world for decades.

As useful as this type of marketing may be, not many people are aware of what types of cheap custom stickers they should use in their marketing efforts or what kinds of labels will work effectively for their business. Here are some of the most popular types of business advertising stickers you should consider using, especially if you want to increase customer patronage and sales for your organization.

Regular Logo Business Advertising Stickers

Logo stickers also referred to as sticker swag, are one of the most common types of cheap custom stickers that any business can use. These types of labels are ideal for trade shows, storefront business locations, or companies that routinely hold custom events.

These types of stickers can be made for virtually any purpose. However, they are primarily used as a way to promote a company’s brand or logo. When crafting these stickers, think of your logo and how it will look plastered on a customer’s laptop or coffee mug. Design a logo with simplicity in mind, yet with a design that will be sure to grab anybody’s attention.

Floor Decals

One of the most under-utilized spaces in any business is the floor.

Floor decals are one of the rarest types of decals used. However, they are the most effective in terms of marketing strategy. Floor decals are great stickers to use to promote upcoming sales, helping customers to find locations within a business to place orders, or it can even help to direct customers to other areas within a company.

business advertising stickers

Window Decals

Window decals are great free promotional stickers for businesses to use if you have a walk-in office or if your business operates with a storefront. A window decal makes it easy to convey relevant information about your business, such as the contact info or name of the company to those who are just walking by.

For these stickers, be sure to include pertinent information such as the business’s hours of operation, social media information, whether or not the firm offers free Wi-Fi or the company’s website address.

Packaging Business Advertising Stickers

The sticker or label on a package can go a long way in showing customers how they should perceive your brand. Creating your custom sticker or label can be a great way to add a nice touch to the packaging of your product while ensuring you are promoting your brand in the process.

These types of stickers offer the most versatility. These stickers can be made with practically any design in mind as well as come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Wall Decals

Just by looking at a business, most customers can get an idea of what the company is about.

Remember, everything about your business talks, from the furniture to the walls.

Creating custom wall decals for your business can be a great way not only to show off your business’s brand but can also be a great way to add a bit of color to a formerly space. When using these types of stickers, be sure to keep the design simple. Use simple graphics or lettering to get your company’s message across.

One of the benefits of using these types of stickers is how easy they are to apply and most importantly, how easy they are to remove.

business advertising stickers

Equipment Stickers

If your business currently has equipment that is out in the open of your location, why not add business advertising stickers with your company’s brand to show it off. Whether you own cash registers, garbage cans, serving tables, desks or recycling bins, these are all items that can sport your logo and still add an eye-catching appeal to your business location.

A benefit of using these types of stickers is how detailed you can get with the design. You can make these types of labels as plain or as detailed as you want.

Remember, these stickers will be working as miniature advertisements. Be sure to design them to purposely stick in the minds of your customers while adding a bit of color to the room they are in.

Iron-on Stickers

Does your business require your employees to wear uniforms? Custom hats? Custom t-shirts?

If so, then one of the promotional stickers you need to use to boost customer patronage is iron-on stickers. Using these types of business stickers is an excellent branding method you can utilize. It can also create a sense of consistency in the style of the uniforms your employees wear.

Iron-on stickers don’t only have to be applied to employee uniforms. They can be used to help promote special company events.

business advertising stickers

Car Decals

Want to advertise your business regardless of where you go?

Stick a car decal right onto your car!

Think of a car as a moving billboard! With a car, you can advertise your business regardless of where you may travel. Reach new customers miles away from your company or attract new clients to visit your online store.

There are several benefits to using car decals. First and foremost, car decals tend to be waterproof, allowing you to apply them on the inside or outside of your vehicle. Second, they are easy to remove if you choose.

Direct Ways to Use Business Advertising Stickers

There are many different ways that you can use business advertising stickers to increase sales and boost your customer base. Here are the best ways to utilize promotional stickers to the advantage of your business.

Slap business advertising stickers on your products

If you are offering a physical product, the first thing you should do is slap a sticker right on the package. Take advantage of adding your company’s brand and contact details directly onto the label to market your business in a non-intrusive way.

A business sticker can also help aid in upselling. Add upgrade options to the packaging to entice customers to partake in the upsell.

business advertising stickers

Add business advertising stickers onto your car

Cheap custom stickers on a car are perhaps one of the most popular ways to advertise your business. Think of a car as a moving billboard. It can help your marketing efforts, especially if you have a long commute to your business.

To be subtle about your advertising, use a small window sticker with the company logo. Then add another label onto the back of the car that lists the contact information to reach your company.

If you want to go bold and beyond, don’t hesitate to use large vinyl stickers which can be attached to the side of a car.

Give out stickers with exclusive offers

Everybody loves free stuff.

If you plan on offering promotional sales or are running a new auction, don’t hesitate to give away some free promotional stickers to help draw attention to the event. Regardless of the type of business you own, this can be a great way to increase your customer base as well as attract new customers to your business.

Give out business advertising stickers to your retailers

If you have a large company that routinely hands out its products to local retailers, don’t hesitate to give the retailers some free promotional stickers. It can help promote your products to new customers as well as increase the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing.

business advertising stickers

Send stickers directly to your customers

Want to reach your customer base directly?

Hand out free swag to your existing customers!

Not only will your customers appreciate the free swag, but they won’t directly realize that this swag is being used as a marketing tactic. When customers receive this swag, they will more than likely hand out some of the excess stickers to their friends and family, increasing your company’s marketing reach in the process.

Afraid to come off as too pushy? Send out the stickers in a swag box with a thank you note attached. It isn’t expensive and can go a long way to show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

Indirect Ways to Use Free Promotional Stickers

Now that you understand a few direct ways to use business advertising stickers to help boost your business, you still need to learn how to leverage indirect ways to do the same.

Allow your customers to endorse you.

By handing out free promotional stickers out to your customers, what you are indirectly doing is enticing them to rock your business logo on their items. Doing so allows them to show their love for your brand to their friends and family. Putting a brand sticker on their belongings and is extremely personal. This shows the loyalty of your customer base and shows how much they appreciate your company as a whole.

business advertising stickers

Helps to build a customer community

Do you know what is better than having a loyal customer base?

You are having a community of customers that have your company’s best interest at heart.

Having this community is not only a great way to maintain customer loyalty, but can be a stepping stone to adding a new customer base as well. You can leverage this community by giving out free promotional stickers for business with a membership attached to entice new customers to join.

Shows the public where your business is located

You can show the public where your business is located or where a new customer can find you by including the details on your business stickers. A sticker on a customer’s items in a different state can show how much they appreciate a brand, no matter where it is located.

Complement your other marketing efforts

One of the many benefits of utilizing sticker advertising is the wonders it can do for your other marketing campaigns. Free promotional stickers for business can be used to exchange for addresses, emails, or even conversations. Gaining these things can lead to an increase in sales and business awareness throughout the community.

business advertising stickers


Don’t underestimate the power of sticker marketing.

Yes, while old school, sticker marketing is still very effective even in today’s modern and Internet-based world. As long as it is utilized correctly, cheap custom stickers can go a long way in increasing your brand’s awareness in the public eye.

If you own a business, regardless if it is an online business or an offline business, it is essential to show the public what your business is about. You have learned the effectiveness of using business advertising stickers. Using a business sticker marketing strategy can help increase your customer patronage tenfold.

With this in mind, don’t hesitate to send out free promotional stickers for business promo pack to your existing customer base or hold an event where you give out free swag. Doing so will not only help launch your brand in your area, but it can be a great way to boost sales as well.

If you have any demand for custom business advertising stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.



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