General applications for a 3 Way Control Valve System

by Stefan
3 Way Control Valve

Arguably, the 3-way valve control system is one of the most common automatic recirculation control valves used in many organizations. The system in question can be set up to simplify the fluid and gas flow control. Consequently, it is applied by many companies to make different types of control in the gas or fluid flow. Therefore, if you want to control your matter flow in various specific ways, consider applying the three-way valve in your flow pipes.

  1. Start or shut off the flow

The 3-way control valve manufacturers have designed the product in question in a way that it can be used to start of cut off the flow of the liquid or gas. The control is achieved by either blocking or unblocking the two inlets in the valve. Besides, the flow rate is also determined by the degree of the opening made on the inlets. For instance, the flow rate is faster when the channel is fully open and slower when it is halfway open.

  1. Combine flow from two different sources

A three-way valve flow pattern has three ports which can be used to combine the flow of the matter, either fluid or liquid, from two sources. The combination occurs when the flow from the two parts is allowed to flow respectively and meet at the junction of the 3-way valve control system. Subsequently, the two substances move towards the same direction through the third port, which is the outlet, thus allowing them to combine. However, the flow rate from the two sources should be equal for the mixture to be balanced.

3 Way Control Valve

  1. The split flow between two different destinations

Similarly, a three-way diverting valve can be used to divide the flow into two destinations. The division is achieved by letting the flow come from one source. On reaching the three ways valve, the flowing matter splits into two, following the two outlets available. As a result, the flow moves to two different destinations, respectively.

  1. The alternate flow between two different sources

Additionally, a 3-way valve can be used to alternate the flow of the matter from two sources to one destination. The alternation is attained by blocking one of the inlets at the valve in question. Consequently, the substance automatically follows the open outlet, hence moving to the expected destination. As a way of making the alternation, the open inlet should be blocked, and the other one that was previously closed opened.

  1. The alternate flow between two different destinations

Also, the 3-way gate valve is capable of alternating the fluid or gas flow to two destinations. The technique is accomplished when the valve in question is used to have one inlet and two outlets. When one of the outlets is closed, the direction of the flow follows the open outlet. When changing the destination, the free outlet is closed, and the other one opened.

3 Way Control Valve

In conclusion,

A 3-way valve control system is essential in controlling the flow of the matter. It can be used to start or shut the flow, mix the matters from different sources, also split it into two destinations. Besides, the valve in question can also alternate the flow between two sources, and into two destinations. Generally, the valve gives you various controls over the directional flow.

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