The benefits of a proper casting machine

by Stefan

Industrial improvements have been making so many jobs easier over the last couple of year that it’s fascinating how some jobs like metal melting is done much more quickly compared to ten years ago. Thanks to a continuous casting machine and even jewelry casting equipment melting steel became a much more convenient process. Here you will find some information about casting machines and steel industry.

1.    Is there a difference between a casting machine?

When steel melting was introduced in 1950’s, it was a long process but thanks to advances in the steel industry, now we have a process that is cost-effective and much faster. When it comes to quality, this process with a modern casting machine can’t even be compared to the one years and years ago.

There are many different casting machines including the jewelry casting ones, then a vertical centrifugal casting machine and even a homemade centrifugal casting machine for which you would need metal casting supplies. Additionally, there is also a vacuum investment casting machine which is becoming more and more popular in the yield industry.

2.    How does a casting machine work?

casting machine

Every casting machine consists of a crystallizer, a middle tank, a vibrating mechanism, a spindle rod, as well as a secondary cooling channel. Generally, you can realize that a casting machine requires so many complex processes to lead to the final product. It is a continuous process where one ladle is in the on cast position and the other is ready in the off cast position ready to be switched.

Additionally, a pull straightening machine is necessary to shape the molded metal and then you also have a cutting machine.

3.    How expensive is a casting machine?

The price of a casting machine definitely depends on what type of machines you want to buy. For example, the most expensive casting machine is a horizontal continuous casting machine because it uses complex technology.

However, depending on the manufacturers and suppliers, the prices of vertical bending continuous casting machine and the bending continuous casting machine can go way higher than the first one mentioned.

The prices also depend on the prices of spare parts. No matter if your casting machine is of high quality, you will sooner or later need some spare parts so it’s necessary to think about that before investing your money in a casting machine.

Make sure that the company you are buying a casting machine from provides professional help, support, manuals with maintenance included.

4.    What kind of a casting machine do you need?

casting machine

Every casting machine is different and it depends on the sizes too. For instance, a horizontal continuous casting machine is suitable for small and middle-size business and steel companies.

Billet Continuous Casting Machine provides steady performance and low energy consumption. What a lot of steel companies like about this type of a casting machine is that it provides a simple electronic control with a great quality cooling bed that makes the entire process more effective.

What most steel companies look for is that a casting machine uses low energy so it would be cost-effective and affordable. There are many manufacturers that offer competitive prices so make sure you do a lot of research before investing your money.


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