How to Get the Perfect Custom Packaging

by Stefan
a bouch of Custom Packaging labels

Custom packaging. Those two words can strike excitement as well as fear of new businesses.

Some businesses are excited at the prospect of custom packaging, but some are afraid to entertain the idea. Why? Because custom packaging can seriously affect your brand negatively or positively, it’ll depend on how you execute your vision.(Check some types from

Although it is an exciting prospect, the process of designing your custom package is daunting, intimidating, and stressful. When designing a custom package, you are walking on a thin line of practicality and aesthetics. Lean too much on one side, and the other falters. One key factor in creating the perfect custom design is to find balance. How? You’ll find out in this article.

Now, where do you begin?

Evaluate Your Packaging Needs

Important information to know before you begin designing is this; Custom packaging is the process of delivering/transporting your products, establishing your brand, and a marketing strategy.

What is your selling channel

Knowing this can help you determine your priorities when it comes to designing your custom packaging. Depending on what selling channels you’re using, you can determine whether to lean more on protecting your package or focusing on aesthetics.

If you’re an online seller or eCommerce merchant, you need to take into account shipping. How much your product weighs and how much your product weighs in designing. Whatever design you may come up with, it must prioritize the safety and security of the product.

For retailers, you can focus on the aesthetics, on how you can capture the customer’s attention rather than the security of the product.

What products are you packing?

Of course, you can’t start designing without knowing the products you’re packing. If you’re primarily dealing with large and bulky items, boxes are the way to go. But for small and fragile items like jewelry, watches, etc. mailer envelopes are a much cost-efficient option.

How do you want to portray your brand?

Custom packaging provides you a blank canvas to get creative. If you’ve already established other branding materials such as your logo, then keep it consistent with its elements such as the color pallet, font, and etc.

Simplicity is key

Keep it simple yet attractive at the same time. Having a package design that has a lot going on may help with attracting your customers but in a bad way. Having too much visual clutter can be overwhelming, resulting in your customers being turned off.

Focus on what makes you unique

Keep in mind that your brand is unique, no matter how saturated the retail market is. Why? Because the people behind creating your product went through different experiences and have mastered their craft in a way that no one else has.

Stick to the theme of your product. That alone will set you apart from the hundreds and thousands of items.

Stay Green and Encourage Reuse

Encourage your customers to go green and reuse your packaging rather than dispose of it. Package your products in a way that they can reuse your packaging. For example a tote bag, paper bag, or a cardboard box rather than soft plastic – this helps reduce waste as well as earn brownie points to your customers.



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