Here’s a Look at Huawei’s Development Services and Capabilities

by Stefan

Huawei is definitely the tech organization that we need to watch out for in the coming years. Amid all the challenges that the organization has faced previously, they’ve come back up with a bigger purpose and larger programs at hand.

As part of Huawei’s never-ending technological advancement, the tech group has introduced much-improved development services and capabilities. This totally changed the game in the tech scene since they have stepped up their product’s functionalities.

Here’s more about Huawei’s development services and capabilities:

1. The ML Kit

ML Kit has launched improvements in terms of Text Functionality, which improves the – text recognition, document recognition, bank card recognition, and even general card recognition.

It has also made improvements in terms of Speech and Language Functionality with their existing language translations and language detection. The newest addition for this advancement is – automatic speech recognition, text to speech, and audio transcription.

Significant improvements have also been applied with Vision Functionality such as – image classification, object detection, and tracking, and landmark recognition.

On top of that, the Face and Body Functionality has not only tweaked some of its image segmentation, face detection, and product visual search, but it has also launched the newest addition to its functionality. It is a specific product visual search for iOS software and skeleton detection.

2. The Huawei HiAl

AI technology has just gotten even better. Huawei just launched a 3-layer AI ecosystem that gives capabilities at the device, chip, and the cloud level. This aims to elevate and improve your development cycle and helps you design apps the smart way.

The Huawei HiAl Foundation boasts an open chip capability that enables NPUs to perform excellently in optimizing the performance of your device. Less lagging and bugs are eliminated.

Huawei HiAl Engine supports the open app capability, which enables the users to run and maintain impressive and smart apps to enjoy and make their lives easier.

And last but not least, the Huawei HiAl Service guides the open service capability towards successful customer interactions and services to its app users.

3. The Camera Kit

Huawei smartphones are known to have excellent quality built-in cameras that take picture-perfect shots worth posting on social media.

The reason behind these impressive shots is the advanced programming APIs that integrate an excellent image processing capabilities of Huawei smartphone cameras in your apps. It features unique abilities such as wide aperture, HDR, background blur, super night mode, and portrait mode.

All these help its users to take stunning photographs and high-quality video footage right from their fingertips.

4. The Huawei AR Engine

This latest technology added by Huawei enables virtual objects to feel like they are with you. The apps function better by providing a wonderfully interactive experience to its users.

Thanks to its cutting-edge AR engine, the users are enjoying more of its features such as human body skeleton tracking, hand skeleton tracking, hit testing, plane detection, motion tracking, light estimation, hand gesture recognition, and human body pose recognition.

5. Audio Engine

Huawei offers you excellent audio enhancement services with audiokit. The users can develop karaoke apps and even lets you take advantage of low latency.

There’s no denying how Huawei offers its users continuous excellence in the digital realm.

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