How to find a weight bench that is just right for you

by Stefan

A typical home gym comprises a squat rack, weight plates, barbell, as well as a weight bench. These equipment are critical in keeping fit and getting the desired body shape. As a result of their importance to the gym setup, you will find tons of options in the market to pick from. From squat racks to weight benches, you cannot run out of options.

Speaking of weight benches, there are several categories to pick from as seen at banc de musculation. These include flat utility, adjustable, and FID benches. Not to mention the numerous unique weight benches aimed at achieving specific movements. Then you have the different brands to choose from.

There is no denying that these numerous options available makes the task of selecting a good weight bench daunting. Not to worry, this article got you covered. Here are 4 things to consider when deciding on the best weight bench for you.

Choosing the perfect weight bench: 4 things to consider

1. Strength

Manufacturers do recommend weight benches within the 150kg to 200kg but more expensive benches support more weight bearing reaching up to 300kg. Knowing what weights you will likely shift will help shape your decision. But you must confirm whether the manufacturer considers the lifter’s weight.

2. Adjustable vs Fixed weight bench

An adjustable weight bench gives you several exercising options. It allows for the adjusting of the backrest angles to get the most of your exercising. Meanwhile, Fixed weight benches are sturdier and will allow for heavier weights. It is surely worth your considerations.

3. Rack

 Your gym equipment can also influence your decision of getting a rack on your weight bench. If you are having a dumbbell with no other free weight collections and you have no intent to expand, then getting a rack might not be ideal. But if you will use barbells or some other free weights, then you probably need a rack. There are several rack options to choose, but tall poles racks, pegs, and large hooks are great options to pick if you decide to go through this route.

4. Pricing

Pricing remains a major factor bothering on the minds of individuals seeking to purchase a weight bench. It is one thing to decide the type of weight bench to buy and a completely different thing to afford it. Basically, the flat weight bench category is quite cheaper than their adjustable counterparts. Having between $40 to $70 will get you an entry level flat weight bench. A mid-range weight flat bench will typically cost within $80 to $130. And High-end weight flat bench costs within $150 to $300.

As indicated earlier, the adjustable weight bench range is costly. Its entry level range costs between $70 to $90. With $120 to $160, you can get yourself a mid-range adjustable and $200 to $1000 for the high-end range.

Wrapping Up

Your decision on a weight bench will determine your performance in the gym. However, making a choice is not quite easy as the market has tons of options to select. With the right guidance, you can narrow down the right choice.

Considering the strength of the weight bench, the structure–whether adjustable or fixed, and rack attachment will help you out. Also, the different prices of weight benches are things you must consider when deciding to purchase your weight bench. Your budget will go a long way to influence what you get, even though you must consider your body needs. The fact remains that only you know what you want from a weight bench and your gym goals. Still, considering these four points will help you reach a significant decision in no time. It is really up to you.

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