Features to consider when choosing the right sports lighting

by Stefan

If there is one thing that binds the world irrespective of religion, tribe, ethnicity, race, or personal beliefs, it’s most certainly sports. It’s one activity that people can agree on, collaborate, and share similar experiences. If you want to create the right environment for sports to thrive, you have to carefully consider your sports lighting.

Sports lighting aids and improves the experiences people have when participating in sports. Anyone that attends sporting events can boldly tell you that the lighting was instrumental to the general outcome. This is why there are so many factors to consider when choosing the right sports lighting.

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What to consider when selecting the right sports lighting

1. Determine the parameters of the complex

This is super important because not all sports complexes or stadiums are the same size. You can’t get the right sports lighting if you don’t determine the various parameters in the sports complex or stadium- like the width, length, pole positions, pole heights, etc.

The kind of sports lighting used for a local or school football or basketball sports complex will definitely not be the same used for an ultramodern international stadium. So, determine the parameters professionally.

2. Know the lux levels for the stadium

You have to be certain about the lux levels needed for the stadium. Just like the parameters, the lux levels also differ, depending on the type of stadium and events (international, national, or local events).

For instance, FIFA suggests that the lux for football pitches should be 200lx, 500lx, 3500lx, 2000lx, or 750lx. So, note the kind of event being hosted in the stadium and make your pick.

3. Voltage of LED sports lighting

Another thing to consider is the working voltage of the LED sports lights. The recommended range is between 100 to 280V for alternating current (AC). But some situations may demand higher current or a different power source. So, watch out for those.

4. The right mounting methods

You should also consider the most appropriate mounting methods, depending on the size of the sports complex or stadium, and the kind of event that will be happening there. If you’re constructing a brand-new stadium, you’d need to match the right sports light to the new poles.

But if you’re renovating or reconstructing an old one, you have to make sure that the mounting method you’re going for is suitable for the poles, because there’ll be existing poles.

5. Appropriate maintenance

If you install a new system without putting proper maintenance strategies in place, your system won’t last for you and give value for your money. The same goes for sports lighting.

It’s always a thing of concern because these lights and poles are mounted very high, so it may be tedious to fix if something goes wrong. Make sure that there is an electric box mounting at the bottom of these poles so that they can be maintained easily.

6. Ensure that these guidelines above are done by professionals.

If professionals do not manage these things, they won’t last long and you will lose value for your money.

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