Why are GPS watches beneficial for runners?

by Stefan

Honor Black watch GS Pro is a great GPS watch with amazing features. It features a 25-day battery life when the GPS element is not enabled. However, when the GPS is enabled, the battery can last for up to two days. In addition to the GPS and ideal battery life, this product comes with a SpO2 monitoring element and a route back function. The route back function operates using a breadcrumb navigation system. Honor has manufactured more than 1000 workout models of this watch, and at least 14 meet military standards. Like most GPS watches, the most significant application is by runners. In this post, we discuss why GPS watches for runners are popular.

Why do runners need GPS watches?

GPS watches provide runners with numerous benefits, especially during training. So much that the watches sometimes go by the name training or workout watches. Below are some reasons why runners benefit from GPS watches;

It eliminates the need to hold a phone

One of the main reasons why GPS watches are beneficial for runners is that it’s not a must thing to have your phone with you when working out. Holding a phone when working out is not only frustrating but distracting as well, especially for runners. Runners like to carry their phones when running. However, they are often tempted to check incoming messages, change the music they are listening to or answer phone calls. This can be very dangerous and distracting. With a running watch, you can record your progress without using your phone hence eliminating all the distractions. Some watches go as far as allowing you to download music or a podcast to listen to while running.

Helps with recording data

Another benefit of GPS watches for runners is that it helps to record essential data while running. Most GPS watches are designed for training or running, like the HONOR black watch GPS Pro, feature recording elements for the heart rate, speed, location, distance, and elevation. All this information is available on the screen of the watch. However, some watches may require you to download an app that will keep a record of all the data collected by the watch. This information is vital for a professional runner. It helps you to keep track of your progress and set goals.

Helps with tracking daily activity

You can also use GPS watches to track the amount of physical activity that you are accomplishing daily. By doing so, the watch helps significantly with your health by motivating you to work hard on your physical well being. Taking care of your physical health doubles down as taking care of your overall health. It helps to keep away cardiac illnesses, obesity, and other weight-related health challenges.


GPS watches are quite beneficial. However, like any good thing, they have some downsides. Some downsides include the fact that they are quite costly. Compared to regular watches in the market, GPS running watches are expensive. They may also not be the best choice for traditional runners that are not fond of change and technology. Regardless, the benefits outweigh the cons.

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