5 Tips for Choosing a Durable Industrial Tablet

by Stefan
industrial tablet

Tablets are now being used for data entry, system control, and equipment monitoring. However, the industrial floor is usually a brutal place for some electronics devices to be operated in. Due to the extreme conditions of manufacturing companies, very few devices have a long useful life or remain intact. As a solution, the demand for an industrial android tablet is on the rise. Nonetheless, because not all tablets are made equally, here are some considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an industrial tablet.

  1. The Industrial Tablet Ability To Handle Any Environment

The tablets used in industrial companies have a variety of uses and for these reasons they are can be attached to manufacturing lines, carts and work stations.  However, most of these industries have loose dirt, and hence the tablets have to be operated in dusty working conditions and areas with extreme temperature. For this reason, everyday consumer tablets, cannot be used as they quickly break down. When choosing a rugged Android tablet, ensure that you keep in mind the specific industrial conditions that it has to withstand.

  1. Variety Of Operating Systems Included In The Industrial Tablet

Manufacturers are incorporating various operating systems that allow a manufacturer to select the best-suited software for use. When choosing, consider the specific management and maintenance functions in the tablet. A rugged tablet that you invest in should have the latest operating system that will allow and accommodate future manufacturing software updates in the future.

industrial tablet

industrial tablet

  1. The Industrial Tablet Touchscreen Lighting Design

Every factory has its own lighting needs in which it best operates in. As expected, it’s not uncommon to find varying lighting needs in the same manufacturing company. Unknown to many, this is the highlight that dictates the readability of a tablet and hence affects the responsiveness of a design.  When considering a tablet for industrial use, select units that offer sunlight readable LCD light screens. Additional features to countercheck are the wide angle view, the backlit feature, and the overall brightness that it provides.

  1. The Portability of the Industrial Tablet

As expected, with various conditions and activities happening at the same time, it’s not uncommon for machinery to break due to rough handling. Due to this, the occasional drop of a device is not farfetched hence the need to purchase drop proof tablet. For this reason, tablets for manufacturing floor should be reinforced and thus portable. This ensures that they can withstand the constant jolts that come with being used in a high movement environment.

industrial tablet

industrial tablet

  1. The Industrial Tablet responsiveness in Diverse Environments

An industrial environment is an unforgiving place for most electronic devices because of the harsh conditions it has to operate in. Most settings are dusty, smoky and produce extreme heat or freezing conditions. In the food and beverage industries, it’s not uncommon for tablets to be operated in wet and moist conditions. .When considering a tablet to invest in, waterproof tablets are the way to go.  When selecting, ensure that the tablets are not only durable and are responsive even when operated in different environments


When picking an industrial android tablet aim to choose a tablet that provides optimum use while maximizing the lifespan. The above tips and tricks are meant to aid you in picking the best industrial tablet to invest in while saving you money.

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