What To Consider When Purchasing A Disposable Surgical Face Mask

by Stefan
medical face mask

Throughout the history of the world, nothing has killed the human race like infectious diseases. Covid-19 has shown us how vulnerable we still are and how important it is for us to be in the frontline of evading similar pandemics in the future. The novel pandemic could not have been more predictable. That is why healthcare practitioners have been on the frontline of developing useful precautionary measures. One such tool is the surgical disposable face mask.

From WHO’s reporting, the world realized that this pandemic would sweep off an estimate of more than 1 million people around the globe. Covid-19 marks an era of the return of an old enemy. Nothing has killed humans like viruses.

Coronavirus is likely to strike again. How prepared are we?  How do you choose the right surgical mask? In this blog post, we provide you with a brief checklist to guide you in the selection process- take a look.

Different masks serve different purposes – be knowledgeable.

There are different types of masks. You can wear a disposable mask that covers your nose and mouth for enhanced protection from the environment. However, not all masks have the same number of layers or the quality.

They are used for different applications. For instance, masks used for hygiene during food preparation are referred to as paper masks. They are thin and single-layered. They cannot prevent you from contracting infectious diseases.

The name and reputation of the manufacturer

The disposable surgical mask has become one of the world’s most coveted commodities. The universal scramble for this rare item is still baffling to many. That is why more companies are delving into the manufacture of disposable face masks.

Being a sensitive product, you need to review the reputation of the manufacturer. Is it stellar? Does the mask have a name printed on it? These and more questions should redirect you to relevant answers regarding quality.

The level of protection needed.

Every face mask is subjected to some standard of regulation. It all depends on your country. Within the standards, there are unique classes of devices that can help to determine the mask’s degree of protection. You should refer to the regulations of masks in your region.

The mask’s effective life

Residents of Beijing are now using disposable masks in an attempt to protect themselves from contracting the novel coronavirus. The retail masks can be certified to local as well as international standards. However, their life-performance may not confer the exposure reduction subject to potential risks as marketed.

The total duration of a face mask’s effectiveness is dependent on its use. It may be between three and seven hours. A cheap mask, on the other hand, can mean a shorter time duration. This is indicated on the pack by the manufacturer.

Check List

  • Manufacturer’s name and reputation
  • The mask’s effective life
  • Level of protection required
  • The purpose of the mask
  • Comfort

Final Thoughts

There are various types of face masks. They also come in different sizes and are adaptable to the actual morphology of the individual who shall be wearing it. Typically, protective masks can be equipped with a valve to help improve user comfort.


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