Why Quit Smoking and Change Your Life

by Stefan

Why Quitting Smoking Will Change Your Life

Habits are hard to let go of. The scenario is worse for those smoking because not even rehabilitation will make them quit. It is a red flag that you should cease and desist from just so you can keep your health in check. Therapy can fail to snuff out smoking habits and the revelations of quitters will move you.

The entire process of quitting can be gradual for you and in the end, it will come with its portion of rewards. Try therapy, throw in some detox baths, a bit of yoga with lots of cold turkeys. Once you quit smoking, you will have changed your life for the better. Here are some of the changes addicts attest to have felt when they stopped smoking.

  1. You will start to feel more

This might sound like cigarettes alter your state of a mind like some sought of drug but no. Smoking will alter somehow your senses. It can be a little scary in the beginning because you have total stewardship over your feelings. Therefore you can end up judging your emotions and you may feel the need to smoke and make it all go away.

You should not go back to smoking, however. The thing for you to do is stop and honor all your feelings, take one step at a time. Avoiding your feelings seems preferable but these are just feelings and they pass with time. They pass a lot faster without the cycle of avoidance.

  1. You become bolder

Your boldness should manifest because of your ability to have fought your addiction. This boldness will further spawn a feeling of wanting to share with the world how you said no to smoking. In this process, you will reach out to other addicts still battling their addiction and this gives them hope of actually living “clean”.

Quitting smoking makes you grow bolder because it helps you shade the cocoon of worry. In your previous life of addiction, you are normally under the impression people think little of you because you are an addict. What is worse is the times you shunned the solicit advice you were offered to be of sober mind.

You will at an intuitive level be able to weigh your actions and therefore you will not judge yourself harshly. This will give you the leverage you need over any shadow of a doubt that might cross your mind when you seek to reform other the lives of other addicts.

  1. You start manifesting

Quitting your smoking habits should make you feel like you are reaching out to your inner chi’. It makes you feel as though you have taken an ultimate step towards spiritual nirvana. It nourishes you in a way because you feel clean. When too much load is taken off your back, it allows your intuition to grow.

You may feel it starting out slow and in time your life will unfold in a positive direction at a rapid pace. This will make you experience life at a wholesome level, it makes you a ‘fuller’ man or woman. Both outer and inner worlds will roll out before in precision and with this, you will have the completeness you have been missing out on.

  1. You will experience clarity and direction

The clarity and direction you will feel is a result of you feeling more. When you feel more, your soul and mind are less bound to deny what you feel is true in your eyes and heart. One good thing about this is it totally scrapes away the facade of a cigarette break. Thinking more clearly will bring to mind why you quit in the first place.

It becomes less difficult accepting your emotions. This actually gives the stage of rehabilitation a good feeling. It makes you in charge of your life because you will no longer be smoking to feel sustained. This makes you inclined more to your intuition.

  1. Quitting will make you more present

It makes you live in the moment. Even being straight does not let you feel such freedom. When you live in the present time you will be less concerned about your next cigarette breaks. Most smokers have a mindset that staying high will prevent your thoughts from reeling of thus you avoid facing the real problem.

Smoking actually perpetuates the cycle of procrastinating action. It lets you live in the moment once you shed off past tendencies of living in the ‘here and now’. If you find yourself wanting to go back, you can use coping skills such as yoga. Meditation is a good escape because it calms your rush thoughts and kills negative emotions as well.

What’s more, feeling anxious about something should tell you that something in your life needs tending to. When you start to live in the present, you place yourself on a frontier of greatness because you deal with all your problems. This loop will make you want to stay smoke-free longer.

  1. Stopping smoking will let you breathe more easily

When you stop smoking, your lung capacity gradually increases by up to 10% within nine months. An increase in lung capacity will allow you to breathe and cough more easily. It may seem unnoticeable, the effects of smoking on your health, most especially if you are in your 20s or 30s.

Lung capacity diminishes with health and if you quit smoking, it will be good leverage you will have over diminishing lung capacity. When you look at with a futuristic mindset, having maximum lung capacity will go a long way in ensuring that you do not wheeze in your old age.

This is a defining factor for old age because a maximum lung capacity will help you have a healthy and long old age.

  1. Quitting smoking will give you more energy

When you quit smoking, except in the first 8 to 12 weeks after quitting to improve your blood circulation. An increase in your blood circulation will cut across many activities in your life that need energy such as walking and running which end up becoming much easier.

Quitting smoking will be more resourceful than destructive to both your health and self-esteem. You will become invigorated and it will feel more like you have the lightness to walk on eggshells without them crumbling.

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